30. MAI 2008

Pressemitteilung des EU-Projekts ReDeSign

Cologne, Germany, 26 May 2008: Prior to the 10th ANGA Cable congress, 14 high level experts from European cable operators met with the ReDeSign Consortium to discuss the technological evolution of their Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) networks.

ReDeSign, a research project in the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission organised its first Operators’ Forum which was well attended by the European cable industry.

During the meeting, major European cable operators presented their views on the short to medium term further evolution of HFC networks as well as on their requirements for longer-term technology developments. Among them, Telenet (Belgium) explained its point of view on the evolution of HFC networks, on the requirements for and the potential of future access technologies and how all this links with the ReDeSign project. The chairman of the DVB-C2 technical experts group encouraged the project to continue its support of the development of the DVB-C2 specification while emphasising the market need to have DVB-C2 equipment available in due time.

The initial findings of the ReDeSign survey which was carried out among European cable operators during spring 2008 were presented to the participants. Conclusions drawn from this for the further technical work of the project were discussed. The cable operators attending the meeting gave guidance to the project on how to align the work of the project with the needs of the industry, such as the more effective use of the bandwidth available.

As a consequence, ReDeSign will focus on the creation of Implementation Guidelines for cable operators elaborating operational aspects of the new DVB-C2 transmission technology. An important common view was that digital packages and digital set-top boxes per household will increase significantly in the next five years. For longer-term technical solutions, the development of migration scenarios enabling cable operators to smoothly migrate from today’s HFC structures to deeper fibre solutions was highlighted as a major requirement.

In his summary speech, Thomas Braun, President of ANGA, stated: “We see a tremendous increase in broadband competition in the years to come. It is therefore essential for cable operators to fully exploit the capabilities of their Hybrid Fibre Coax networks.” He emphasised that the ReDeSign initiative provides an excellent opportunity for cable operators to discuss and to learn more about possible technical solutions for the future.

About ReDeSign

ReDeSign is a Research Project co-funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). An important part of the project is the Operators’ Forum which describes a workshop programme organised to align the work of the project with the requirements of the cable industry. The project will run until end of June 2010 (

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